Investment / Corporate / Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Working with multi-million dollar property can be a huge risk without proper advice. Real Estate may not be your every-day expertise, but it is mine. I can provide you analysis, risks, benefits, and alternate paths when you consult with me. Here's other reasons why you may seek professional advice from an experience commercial licensed real estate broker:

Buy a multi-million dollar investment property on your own or with others.

Especially if you are syndicating a deal, you may not know each other's abilities well. I can provide professional advice, presenting to all of you an unbiased second opinion and other ways to leverage and profit from your property. I can provide the benefits, risks, and a full analysis to show what you can expect after the purchase. Alternatively, I can play the role of a coach for individuals or for the group to help you close the deal with best terms.

Corporate Leases / Buybacks.

A corporation may want to reduce liabilities and increasing cash assets for the company to focus on the business mission (See Why do companies rent and have separate landlords for a more detailed explanation). Lease buyback allows the company to cash-out the equity in its real estate and convert it to cash to finance its core business activities, reduce debt or expand operations. For example, a global technology company can own real estate, but when they need to raise capital to, let's say acquire an expensive technology, they may want to reduce their real estate holdings, which is not part of their primary business, so that they can acquire the technology to focus on their mission. The real estate and all required maintenance is shown as a liability (CAPEX), where when they leaseback their property, it will be an operational expense (OPEX). Buyback leases can be complex, but when properly structured with the right advice, the company can have leverage and control of the property while making the transaction a win-win for the new landlord as well. Of course, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate team working with you.

Strategic Planning

An investment strategy is essential. It is what outlines your exit strategy and how you and your team will benefit from the acquisition. The business strategy must be clear to show the distinct advantage and benefits. Dr. Sur can work with you and your team members in the strategic planning process. During this process, the team will consider investing in Core, Core-Plus, Value-Add, and Opportunistic strategies and financing strategies. We will form a clear exit strategy by entertaining various what-if scenarios during the holding period.

Any other real estate concerns

Anything else, big and small, let Dr. Sur know your situation and he can help you navigate through them.

Sang can operate as a consultant who provides you data to make the decisions based on his research and analysis or he can operate as a coach helping you to grow through the process and keep you on track to get the deal closed with the best terms. When operating as a coach, he may operate as a semi-consultant/advisor, to your best interest, to speak out on activities that require immediate action. As trusted advisor and a real estate professional, he will remain with you all the way through the transaction supporting you on your best steps.

Sang differs from traditional real estate brokers in two ways. First, he is an investor himself and will look out for your best interests in that regard. Additionally, Sang is an analytical expert and will allow the data to speak for itself. He has the ability to convert data into usable knowledge by applying analytics and market knowledge to simplify and focus on the bottom line. Many brokers may seek to earn the commission, and they do not have the interest or formal training to convert the data into useful knowledge. Sang's ability to provide market intelligence, clarity, and deep analysis is the key for the success of his clients.